Girl’s Weekend!

Okay, so I’ve only just started this blog and here I go away on holiday and won’t be updating for a few days! Sorry! However, this weekend (Thursday – Sunday) is a special trip for myself and 2 friends – we’ve known each other since high school. One of them is flying from Melbourne and the other with me from Adelaide and we shall meet up at the Sydney airport and then hit the Sydney shops!!! We are really looking forward to it as we haven’t had a trip away all three of us for about 10 years. It is to celebrate our 30th birthdays which were last year, and is a treat for ourselves and each other – no hubbies or bubbies (probably a few calls home though!)

I will be sure to update with news and highlights on my return – I haven’t ever really holidayed in Sydney, so it will be interesting to see the sights – and taste the Krispy Kremes 😉 !

 Will write more on Monday!!!


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