Housework or stamping ……????!!!!!

Not a hard choice for me! We all know what we ‘have’ to do, but sometimes it’s nice to do what we ‘want’ to do instead! Tonight I am taking part in a cyber-challenge. It is being run by my upline, Jayne Mercer and there are lots of us in her team that are making cards and projects according to the challenges she is setting throughout tonight. We have a little chat as we go and encourage each other as well. It has been a great way for me to get to know some other team members from ‘The Inklings’ – especially as I am the only one in SA.

When I joined SU! I could have found someone local to join with, however I happened upon Jayne’s website and got in contact with her, first as a customer and then as an ‘demonstrator to be’. Being part of a team like ‘The Inklings’ is great. Most contact is online, so I can catch up on news and tips any time of the day and I can also ask questions any time of the day too and I know I can ring someone if I need instant advice! Stampin’ Up! has certainly brought me a lot of enjoyment over the past 6 months – and tonight is one of those enjoyable nights! 🙂

Anyway, now that you know what I’m up to, you can rest easy and go to bed, but check back tomorrow and I’ll be posting some pictures of the challenges from tonight!


One response to “Housework or stamping ……????!!!!!

  1. Stamping always comes before housework !! LOL

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