Just a quick reminder that there is less than 24 hours left in my competition for a free ink pad and cardstock sample! Check out the post below dated 1st April for more info on how to enter!

Well, today we squished about 20 adults and 6 kids into our little 2 bedroom unit to celebrate our little boy’s 2nd birthday! Thankfully the weather was good (and we also farmed out the 2 dogs to hubby’s parents backyard for the day) so the kids had a wonderful time on the swing set in the backyard. Hubby and I had spread a couple of trailer-loads of bark under it last week, as we figure there is no way the grass is ever growing back after the drought and water restrictions this last year or two, but we want Aidan to be able to play out there without getting ‘mega-muddy’!

Anyway, it was a great day – family and friends – waayyy too much food (of course) and here is the piece de resistance!!!


I had lots of good comments about it and my 2 1/2 year old cousin wants me to make him a cake now too!!! And I thought I’d share a pic of the birthday boy too!!!


Okay, better go to bed now – thank goodness for the ‘extra hour’ with daylight savings ending last night! I will do some more creating this week and and update as I go!

Happy stamping! K 🙂


5 responses to “Recovery

  1. That is a work of art Kari! Well done! No wonder your little cherub wanted to take it for a spin on the floor LOL!

  2. That is one fantastic cake. You have done a great job and i know he would have loved it! Have a great 2nd birthday tomorrow Aidan

  3. Thanks! It turned out better than I was thinking it might – I started decorating it at like 11pm the night before his party! I must admit the next morning I was terrified he’d pull the tablecloth to get it off the table when I wasn’t looking – when he first saw it he looked at me, pointed at the cake and then the floor and said ‘toot, toot, floor!’ I said ‘No way!!!’

    Yep, wheels are mint slice and it has raspberry licorice on the edges. It was actually just a square cake cut in half and trimmed with a bought jam roll on the front bit to make it round. Not too hard, but I need to hone my icing spreading skill sa bit more – well this is his 2nd birthday, lots more practice to come!!!!

  4. What an amazing cake, Kari! Are the wheels made of Mint Slices … and the trim licorice? It looks delicious. Aidan must have been ecstatic.

  5. OMG – that Thomas cake is brilliant !! I’d better not let my son see it as I know he will want one too. I’m not sure sending a cake across Australia will make it in one piece !! LOL

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