A great week!

Well, I have just put my things away after today’s class. It was only small, but we had a lovely afternoon making our cards and especially doing our scratch’n’sniff embossing! The girls LOVED the new catty! It was nice to have a few of the new products on hand – especially the new In Colors – to show them off in real life.

Something I just want to share tonight is how great I am feeling about my ‘business’. If some of you are reading this after hearing me talk about only wanting to join as a hobby, you will be giggling! It’s true! I really only joined Stampin’ Up! as a hobby and to get the discounts!!! I figured I might last a little while, but wanted to get lots of products at that time, so figured it would be worth it anyway!

Fast forward 6 months and my eyes and mind have been opened wide! There is such a new world out there which I haven’t been involved with before. I have a wonderful upline who provides support, advice and motivation to her team and through her forum of team members I am meeting lovely people from different places and backgrounds who share a common love, SU! I also have access to another forum (my uplines, uplines forum) and again I find that full of support, encouragement and inspiration.

Personally I have challenged myself in this last 6 months in several ways. I contacted friends to begin a monthly card swap – mostly greeting cards made according to a challenge or two. – and we have a group of 5 or 6 each month taking part. I also began planning and holding classes in my home to share new techniques with friends and customers. Lately I have begun doing workshops/demonstrations in peoples homes. This has been the most scary part – what if I look like an idiot in front of them! – but also the most rewarding! This last few days have seen me at 2 workshops and a class and I have met some lovely people and enjoyed seeing others that I already know. It is so nice to be able to share with them something that I enjoy so much and see them get to enjoy it too.

And of course my latest challenge was to begin this blog! I have had it up and running for a month now (okay, I know it wasn’t public for the first week or two, but my first post was on the 18th March!). This is another way for me to share my crafts and I am loving having the interaction with all of you in your comments and emails – especially when I check in at the end of a blah day from my other work and I find a comment that makes me smile. Thankyou for making me smile and to all those of you that are part of my SU! experience so far! 

Thankyou for reading tonight – and don’t forget, if the Stampin’ Up! experience sounds like something you want to enjoy feel free to contact me for more information!!


2 responses to “A great week!

  1. Cheeky!! 😀

    I plead the fifth!!!

    (Can we do that in Australia?!! too much L&O!!)

  2. Well said Kari! Was this before, during or after the wine *wink* LOL

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