More thankyous……

I’ve been having fun using my Baroque Motifs stamp set! It’s such a lovely set and a fantastic price, especially considering the lovely big scroll stamp you get. These cards were inspired by a perfume box I saw – can’t remember which perfume it was – but the pink with the black is a lovely classic combination and I will be sending them as thank you cards to a couple of girls that have organised shares in SU! products for demonstrators – saves us having to buy one of everything!!! Even if we REALLY want to!! 😉

 Bye for now! K 🙂


4 responses to “More thankyous……

  1. 😀 funny girl!!!!

  2. I haven’t tried Kate Moss’s Kate – is it mossy/woody at all? Perhaps you can do a scratch and sniff with the perfume? That would be scent-sational!

  3. Could be, Lin Mei, could be! Will have to check it out – or should I say ‘sniff’ it out?!!! 🙂

    Okay, back half hour later…. The perfume I saw was the Kate Moss one ‘Kate’. I had a feeling I saw it in a catalogue this last week, so I took this opportunity to clear out our magazine rack whilst checking out the catalogues and I came across it. Will have to go and sample it now – ooh! This would make a nice gift card to go with the perfume….. 😉

  4. Is the perfume Kylie Minogue’s Darling? Love the card and the stamp set, Kari.

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