Attack of the tonsils!!!

AAGH! This week started with hubby having tonsilitis and is ending with me having tonsilitis! I know, I know, all of you are smirking and thinking you know how I caught it, but NO WAY!!! He already had a cold, so no way was I getting that close to him, but yet I still got it! Oh well, antibiotics, hot tea and a bit of rest are helping and I’m planning on some “r’n’r” on the weekend so that should get us both healthy again. – Then I promise you’ll get some new photos of projects out of me!

Other news of the week is today’s morning tea for ‘Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea’! Today I held one at work and we raised over $75! Wow! I did a bit of baking (thoroughly washed my hands I promise, and I almost even masked up!!!) and so did another friend from work (Hi Nicole!) and we put on a yummy spread to tempt the money from the pockets of our co-workers. I’ve been doing this for several years now and it has been great to see the amount we raise increase from $20-$30 in the first couple of years to now this amount. I would encourage everyone to either attend or host one of these events as apart from the charity benefitting from the money raised it is also a great personal sense of fulfillment to do something to help. There are always lots of things we can all do to help others in the world, but every little bit counts and today I hope that our funds can provide some help to someone with cancer or their family, or to help in cancer research. In my work we see a lot of cancer patients and I’ve had some close family friends affected by cancer in recent years, so although it is a positive day for me, it is a day of rememberance as well.

Enjoy the end of your week! 🙂 K


3 responses to “Attack of the tonsils!!!

  1. Well done on the morning tea, hope you are all feeling better soon, thought you mustn’t be well and was starting to worry, look after yourselves and get that rest you mentioned.

  2. Kari, sorry to hear that you have not been well. Tonsilitis is a real pain in the … um … throat. I had it so often as a child that a doctor mentioned that I had battle-scarred tonsils – which always made me imagine epic battle scenes raging in my throat. So, I hope that you feel much better soon and definitely rest because it’s the best.

    Great job holding a morning tea for a worthy cause in the midst of all this illness! Very admirable indeed.

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