Blog Carnival time!

Well, I still consider myself new to this whole blog world, so when I had a suggestion form Lin Mei (thankyou!) to register Aidan’s Thankyou Notes on the Kidzarama Kraft for Kidz Blog Carnival I was amazed – what is a blog carnival?! 

The Kraft for Kidz Blog Carnival is a fun way Jane from has set up to share crafts made by/with/for kids with others through our blogs but linked back to her site so it can be a resource. June was the first month so check out the kids crafts at Kidzarama here – or you may even be inspired to send your own creations for the July carnival! And hello to those of you visiting my blog from there! 🙂

I have a few UFO’s sitting here, not really photo worthy just yet, so stay tuned over the weekend and I will add them as soon as I can! Night! 🙂 K


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