Water on the brain!

– in two ways!!! Firstly – we are getting some rain in SA, though it’s probably still not enough or in the right areas, but it is nice for the garden. Secondly, I have a watercolouring class this weekend. I have been having fun designing the cards for us to make and I hope the girls are looking forward to it too! I will post some photos of our projects next week.

I was going to post a picture of a Make’n’Take from my workshop the other night (Hi Marie!) but the camera batteries are flat, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Please come and visit again then to see it!  I have taken over 150 photos of computer screens today! We are having a software upgrade at work and we are not sure how much of the protocols we have on there now will be there again after the upgrade, so I was thinking of how to get all that info off quickly and not go blind or insane at the same time!! LOL! Enter my friend and colleague Nicole who suggested taking photos of all the screens I needed! Voila and 2 x 128MB cards later! I have all my records – too bad I won’t be able to re-enter all that info as easily!!! 😉

Thanks for stopping by! Kari


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