My storage!

I thought I’d share my storage system with you all tonight! Well, it’s not so much of a system as a place to keep my craft stash, but it looked tidy for the picture!! One of these trolleys was a Mother’s Day pressie to me a month or so back and I loved it so much I filled it up 😉 so of course when I saw them on sale again at Kmart this last week I had to get another! They are really handy (drawers fit 12x12s in them) and are on wheels too (they can lock too) and to stop ds2 pushing the drawers out I can turn them around to face the wall! LOL!

As some of you know we are in a 2BR unit, so space is at a premium, these make it easy to wheel them into the bedroom if we need the space or to have them parked at my workbench (aka kitchen bench!) for when I’m getting crafty! And…. they match the SU! Forget Me Not Keepers! How funny! I bought the keeper after the first trolley and as I put it together I laughed and wen straight away to put it ontop of the trolley! Of course DH then asked if it came as a bonus with the trolley, so it must be a good match – wonder if he’d fall for it if I ordered a few more keepers?!!

So there you go, that is my mobile workstation….of course I didn’t take a picture of the messy workbench behind me, did I! No need for you to see that mess!! Have a good night! K 🙂


One response to “My storage!

  1. They look really good Kari. Good place to store your 12×12 papers too.
    Come on, show us your messy area! LOL

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