Toddlers and teeth

Some of you may know that my son had to have 2 teeth pulled earlier this year – one was a extra one and the other was kind of attached to it, but unfortunately both had decayed due to the way they were up against each other. So he has had a gap in the upper right side of his mouth since he was 23 months old (now 26mths). Well, on Wednesday when we got him home from childcare and were changing him, we realised that he had chipped his front tooth (the one next to the gap) – and not just a little chip either!!

So long story short he went to the dentist on Thursday morning and they arranged for him to have the tooth pulled that afternoon as they weren’t able to repair it! Check out the gap in my brave boy’s mouth….

This was taken only a couple of hours after he had it pulled so you can see how upset he was – NOT! He did have to have a GA and that’s never nice, but he was so good before, during and after and I think the worst part for him was fasting all day and he is not a big eater, so to hear him ask for toast or apples he must have really been hungry! His adult teeth won’t come in until around age 6-8 so he has a few years ahead of him with that gap there, however the bonus is that he was happy with 20 cents from the tooth fairy!! That whole concept is lost on a 2 year old!!

I will be back tomorrow with some cards – sorry I haven’t been posting my actual creations this week! ‘Night! K 🙂


3 responses to “Toddlers and teeth

  1. Poor little mite! But he must be a brave boy to sport such a huge infectious grin 🙂

  2. Glad to see he is doing well! Not that i did not trust you. Just nice to see Aidans smiley face. Give him a big cuddle from me!

  3. Oh, I love it. Aidan will be sticking his tongue through that gap soon! LOL He is adorable too BTW!

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