Guilty as charged!!

Or should I be pleading the fifth?!! Detective Dani (a fellow Inkling) managed to track me down and as she left such a lovely comment on this post I was able to help her out by sending a little parcel her way! Check out Dani’s blog to see her detective skills and have a guess at what the parcel might have contained……! and if you don’t giggle to yourself whilst reading Dani’s post, well, then I guess you don’t like crime TV shows!!! LOL! Enjoy! K 🙂


2 responses to “Guilty as charged!!

  1. Hahaha! You are way to sweet to me! Not only have you told everyone how generous you are to let me borrow from you but you have advertised my rather fun post! I’m so glad you loved my post as much as I did writting it and thanks again for such a fun project. You should recieve your set back soon!

    Thanks again

    Detective Dani!!!

  2. you are so kind Kari! I loved using that stamp and making that card with you a few weeks ago! can’t wait for my order to arrive!!

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