More challenge pics and a thankyou!

Hi! This is a short post tonight as I NEED to get some sleep. I wanted to share a couple of other challenge cards from other Inklings and also a beautiful card that I received in the mail from Kylie yesterday (It is even prettier IRL!)! It was perfect timing as we had just got home from hospital with Aidan! I think he will turn me grey before he turns 10, that child! He managed to fall at childcare and knock himself out either from the knock to the head or because he forgot to breathe as he was crying so it resulted in an ambulance ride to the hospital and a few hours observation in emergency! He is fine now though but we are thinking of investing in an American football style helmet with a mouthguard to prevent further incidents!

On to the challenge pictures…. here is Kylies cute Scrapbook page, Jayne’s gorgeous colour challenge, all 3 works of art from the lovely Dani and Karen’s gorgeous watercoloured card and pyramid. this is the best bit about participating in challenges – the ‘after’ shots! It is amazing to see how different all our projects can turn out despite all meeting the same basics – especially with the colour challenges!!! Sorry guys, I did pick a doozy, but you all did so well!!!

Off to bed with me now! Happy stampin’ everyone! K 🙂


One response to “More challenge pics and a thankyou!

  1. Good to see that the tener I gave you worked and you mentioned my name again! LOL Thank You! Mwaahhh.

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