More thankyous!

Firstly, I just want to say thankyou to my friends over the past few days, not only have you listened to me or read my crazed emails, but you have responded with such lovely words that you really helped me through it all.  *mwah*

In explanation, after we survived Aidan’s trip to hospital we heard that my brother had to have surgery yesterday, it doesn’t sound like much, but he has been through an awful lot with his health and he had just flown back to Tasmania and was put in hospital down there for surgery, whilst his family are all in SA. He made it through and is recovering well, he sounded quite bright on the phone today. but it was a worry not knowing what would be done in the surgery and all the other ‘what ifs’ until we heard he was out again. So big thankyou to all of you, I managed to do a little bit of stamping this afternoon, so this card is for my friends. *hugs*

You may notice it looks similar to my colour challenge card here, and that’s because it is!! I had this little piece of watercoloured paper all ready to be stuck on something (not just be stuck in my scrap drawer!) and so I decided to make this card. The only challenge colour I have omitted is the Ballet Blue – strangely enough, it was the Ballet Blue that threw me in the combo, I think others were stuck on the pink or really rust, but for me it was the brightish blue! The greeting is one from a 2007-2008 Simply Sent Kit, I know it is retired, but it said just what I wanted it too! For another take on the pyramid box, please visit Lin Mei to see her ‘really’ swirly creation!

I also want to share this lovely card from a little girl, Olivia, who was a guest at a workshop I did last Sunday. She is just lovely and this was one of the cards they got to do as a ‘Make and Take’, yet she wrote in it and chose to give it to me! *blush* She had lots of fun and enjoyed the watercolouring, so thank you too, Olivia ,for such a lovely card!

Thanks for visiting! K 🙂


One response to “More thankyous!

  1. Mwaaaaahhhh back at you! Ditto Kari for listening to me!!

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