I have been very lucky in the last couple of weeks and despite my absence over the weekend, I have received a couple of special emails from some fellow stampers! Here is my news…

Kylie sent me the Arte Y Pico Award for my blog! Aww, thanks hon! Considering how much inspiration I get from Kylie I should be handing it back! 😉 However, the rules of the Award say that I should pass it on to another person whose blog/website I think is worthy and that is no mean feat! I would like to give this award to Beth for her beautiful ‘Bethinking’ Blog and also in admiration of how she manages to do so much in her day with her family to organise as well!! I’m in awe!

I am also humbled to recieve a Brilliante Weblog Award from both Lin Mei and Alana! Thanks so much – it’s so inspiring visiting your blogs too! So who to pass this Award on to……. Dani! I know that Dani was unsure about starting a blog at first, but I think it is fabulous and am so glad that she did it!

Thanks girls! It’s so hard to pick a couple that have not already been awarded these, but I hope some of you add their blogs to your favourites list too! This is yet another thing I love about the new things I have been introduced to since joining SU! last year – the friendship and support by these lovely girls who may be quite a few kms away from me geographically, but we enjoy all our crafting together!

Cheers! K 🙂


One response to “*blush*

  1. Awwww Kari! You are so sweet! I really appreciate the award and that you think my blog fabulous! The support is really appreciated! You rock my odd socks!

    Dani 🙂

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