CASEd Mini Cards

About a month ago, my upline Jayne offered to set the INKlings team weekly challenges. We have a Business one and a Creative one and they are just quick little tasks that either help us get organised (eg labelling catalogues, putting our details on order forms, contacting customers) or get our creative juices flowing and make us try new things.

Well, so far I haven’t been doing to well at completing the Creative Challenges, but here is one I did get around to! Jayne challenged us to CASE a particular card from the Spring Mini Catalogue and make 2 cards the same – send one to a customer and send one to a fellow demo (the next one to put their name on the sign up list on our forum) We had to make, write and address envelopes and be finished in 15 minutes! Hmm, I think I was around the 20-25 minute mark, but that was still a great quick way to get me thinking and started without me having to come up with a design myself – the beauty of the Stampin’ Up! Catalogues!!;)

The card on the left is mine and the gorgeous green one is from a fellow INKling Jodi. I’d link to her blog but I can’t find the address! Sorry Jodi! On the right you can see the image of the card shown in the catalogue – isn’t it great to see different ways to interpret the same basic design, just changing colours and stamp sets!

Now, I’d like to challenge you my loyal readers to CASE this card too! Send me an email with a picture of your CASEd card by the end of the week (Friday 12th September) and I will pick a favourite to put onto my blog to share and you will win a sample pack of various Stampin’ Up! ribbons! Good luck and I can’t wait to see yoru creations! 🙂 K


2 responses to “CASEd Mini Cards

  1. Hey, hey – she’s back!! A great case Kari and Jodi.

  2. Kari I don’t have a blog…yet. But thanks for showing your readers my card. The one I sent you was slightly different to the rest of the cards I made; all the others have rounded edges like the one you made. Great minds think alike.

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