Childproof Christmas decorations?!

Hmm, until a couple of years ago I did used to go a little berserk with the decorating, but now we have a lounge room full of kids toys there isn’t much space available! Also, there are little hands just waiting to ‘undecorate’ the tree as soon as the decorations go on it! LOL! Anyway, I did think that paper decorations would be a great way to go, well until I started seeing all these lovely ones that ‘Mummy would be very upset if Aidan squashes them!’ 😉 So in background of this first photo you can see where we have resorted to hanging baubles this year…..


Hmm, gotta love those Scotch hooks that you can pull off when you no longer need them!

Now in the foreground of the picture is the Gorgeous German Ornament by Carol – well the instructions are by Carol, I made this one – dare completed!! 😛 😉 I used the Rose Red Designer Series DSP and some White taffeta ribbon. They are quite easy to make, Carol has a fabulous tutorial here to try out and the pictures make it very easy to see what to do. And here is another picture close up from the side ……


Have a good Sunday! 🙂 K


2 responses to “Childproof Christmas decorations?!

  1. Love the decorations on the ceiling! I didn’t think of that one. Luckily Oliver never really went near our decorations. Get Better Homes & Gardens mag out now for some more ideas.

  2. Looks great! I’ll have another dare for you soon 😉

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