A visit to Santa!

Today’s Christmas project is a little different – still something I ‘made’ *giggle* but a bigger part of me and my hubby than any card, scrapbook layout or OTP project I could ever come up with!


Today we went to see Santa at our local Myer store, and the gorgeous boy sat on Santa’s knee and chatted away. Santa was especially lovely this year too so it always makes it easy for all involved 😉

We then headed into the Magic Cave at DJ’s in Adelaide. Now I know some of you might wonder why we didn’t do the Santa visit and photo in there, but the queue was so long and I heard one of the staff tell a parent that the wait was 1-1 1/2 hours long to see Santa, that I think we made the right choice! However, our boy did have a ride on Nimble (the white horse from the Christmas Pageant) and the merry-go-round so that was fun enough for him.

We then had a bite to eat and headed to Myer in town too, where when Aidan was offered a ride on the Santaland Express train he took his ticket from the lady and went running in to climb into his seat on the train – no need for Dad to help him on or anything! So cute! Each time he went past us he told us he was going ‘Round and round!’

All this after the excitement of seeing the Wiggles  and putting up the Christmas tree yesterday too! So lovely to see him so animated with it all though and it really makes you wonder how you enjoyed this time of the year before he came along! *sniff sniff* I hope you are all enjoying this special time of the year with your family and friends! 🙂 K


One response to “A visit to Santa!

  1. Oh bless!! What a big boy he is now mummy!
    Oliver wants to see Santa this year so we will take him this week!

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