Merry Christmas to all….

Well, it has finally sunk in that it is Christmas tomorrow! eeek! Tonight for us is prawns and bubbly while watching the Carols  – meanwhile wrapping the pressies and cooking the turkey (we eat it cold tomorrow night!) – and of course making the last minute pressies and gift tags, some years finishing 20 or so bonbons but not this year.  This year will be Aidan’s first that he will understand the Carols (he liked the Carols in the Domain last week) and I’m sure he will get excited by Hi5! Tomorow is presents and brekky here then to my parents for lunch with my dad’s family then back home for tea with the in-laws. On Saturday we’ll go and catch up with my other Nanna and Grandpa (mum’s parents). We’ll also spend a few other days catching up with other friends and family over the Christmas and New Year break – and enjoy some family time just the 3 of us … and the dogs!  

To share some Christmas spirit, the INKlings held a Secret Santa between us! We got emailed a name and had to send a pressie to that person – SU! stuff of course! It was so lovely to receive such a special gift and card and I wasn’t patient enough to wait for Christmas day to open it!!


After a bit of thinking I guessed that my Secret Santa was Joanna! And I was right! Thankyou again Jo! She tried to throw me off by getting Jayne to address the parcel and it had Jayne’s address as the sender! Speaking of which …. I haven’t been discovered as the SS for my giftee! Must have got her fooled!!! 😀

So my Christmas wish this year is to enjoy the day and enjoy my son’s smile as he wakes up. To enjoy catching up with both family and friends and to make more happy memories to last throughout the years. I hope your day is special and full of happiness – Merry Christmas!


3 responses to “Merry Christmas to all….

  1. WOW Kari! Love your blog! Thanks for purchasing the income/expenses tracker from me. I think I’m going to have to subscribe to your blog now. You have a lovely style! Andrea 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas to you Kari! I bet it was a busy day but an enjoyable one too!

  3. What a lovely post Kari! I hope your wish came true and continues to come true into 2009!

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