cake + cake = tummy ache!

Well, I promised some pics of the birthday cakes and my computer is finally playing nice so I get a chance upload from my camera and check them out (I will respond to emails later, sorry! It wouldn’t let me send any the last couple of days!)

On Saturday we had a Number 3 cake with spiders!! Aidan liked the spiders on the ‘7’ cake and so we decided they were a nice easy way to decorate his ‘3’! (I have been told that I must make mention of Owen’s help with the spider webs! I was having so much trouble with my shakes getting the webs right, so he piped the spirals of the webs for me!)


Then on Sunday we were having a picnic in the park and I picked something easy to transport as well…..


So easy! Just a round cake (I flavoured half the mixture chocolate and mixed the batters so it was kind of marbled) and then I iced and crumbled up honeycomb to go on the top like rocks at a construction site. Aidan was most amazed to see his truck on top of his cake! And here is the birthday boy himself……….


Doesn’t he look like an angel?!! LOL!!! Hmm, pictures of the sugar highs after the cakes and treats would show a different story!! 😉 With all my cake baking (thankyou Women’s Weekly Triple Test Kitchen!!) and the slices/pizzas/tarts I’ve made this weekend, I am surprised any of us can move after 2 days of party food! We haven’t really even eaten any Easter chockies!! *gasp* Aidan doesn’t even really know about the Easter Bunny other than his ‘Easter Bunny Bucket’ (his word for Basket!) that he made at Sprouts. He has seen some chocolate eggs, but we’ve said to leave them until later and he hasn’t fussed – thank goodness. So today will be a day to finish up a few leftovers….. and to try and get some veggies snuck in somehow!! 😉

Okay, thanks for reading the ravings of a slightly obsessed mummy – promise I’ll share more stamping with you soon!!!  🙂 K


3 responses to “cake + cake = tummy ache!

  1. Okay – now that is a super fine cake! Well, two cakes but I love the spider one the best – I try not to cook if I can help it so my partner made our son’s 2nd birthday cake – it was an iggle piggle and he did a fantastic job. Am simply jealous of creative people!

  2. Happy BIG Birthday Aidan!
    I loved making Oliver’s number 4 cake last year, you know that I’ll be giving it another go this year! Tell Owen the webs look great too! You make so many things girl, where do you find the time – oh I know – at 2:30am!! LOL Great job on the cake and spiders.

  3. stampinupwithtoni

    hey there
    Love the cakes!! I hope he had a great birthday :)Still have to decide what i am going to do for jakes cake on friday for his party.
    Take care and chat soon

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