…. can it really be true?

Gasp! Yes, it is true! I’m here typing a post on my blog….. 3 months later!!!! My gosh! I really can’t believe it has been that long, but then I have been busy and I have managed to cram a lot into those 3 months so I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised – just a tiny bit embarrassed!

Anyway, how are you? Thankyou to those of you who have patiently been visiting me here week in and week out waiting for me to post something new! I appreciate your visits and messages along the way. ….. On to how am I? ….. well, since July we have moved house, sold a block of land, almost finalised the sale of our unit, got the 3 year old sleeping in a big boy bed, enrolled in kindy for next year and are slowly getting him toilet trained……….. oh …..  and I’ve been growing a baby!! Yep, I’m now 7 months pregnant and expecting a new baby just in time for Christmas (and not a day later, let me tell you!!!) So there you go! Not great excuses separately but altogether they have made the last few months a bit crazy/hectic/chaotic and lots of other things in between!

Now with the new house, of course one of my requirements when shopping was a room for all my stamping and craft stuff!! LOL! So it’s a Study/Craft room but Owen really doesn’t get much of a look in! 😉 He doesn’t mind too much as he now has 2 sheds and his computer is down the other end of the house so when the new lounge arrives he’ll make himself comfy down there using his computer and we won’t bother each other at all!!! LOL! Back to my room…. it’s not fully set up yet, but getting there and on the October long weekend we went and bought a desk for me to stamp on and it has been lovely to be able to unpack my stamping stuff and start creating again. It’s amazing how much you miss that creativity mentally and emotionally when you don’t get that time and space to create. Plus after 9 years of using the kitchen bench or dining table to stamp/sew/tile/quilt and any other craft technique I tried out, it is nice to have a room to confine the mess too – of course a messy desk is a sign of a creative mind – or so they say?!

I’m going to leave you with a picture of the bags/boxes we made today at my Christmas Container Class and I PROMISE I will be back over the next few days to show you more of the creations I have been working on in my new room!!! So please visit again soon! K xx

christmas containers 2009 class

PS If you would like some stamping inspiration this weekend and a chance to support a good cause, head to www.jaynemercer.com/blogs and take part in Jayne’s Girls Night In fundraiser. She has some gorgeous challenges posted and I’ve been having a go myself  (will post pictures tomorrow) – plus it’s a great cause to support! 🙂 K


One response to “…. can it really be true?

  1. Such beautiful projects, Kari! Love them all.

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