Extra special Christmas!

Well, if you haven’t heard our news yet, here’s why Christmas is so special this year….. we are now a family of four after welcoming Audrey Rose Hughes into the world on the 17th of December! Not sure if she was aware of the plan to induce her out on the 21st December (EDD was 24th December) but, she had her own plans and wanted to give us a surprise! She is just gorgeous and weighed in at 7lb 3 1/2oz and was 53 cm long and has lots of dark hair.

We are settling into life at home slowly and her big brother, although being very loving and proud of her, is enjoying some extra freedom while mum and dad have their hands and minds occupied a little!! Hmmm! However, he has been extra spoiled today and hopefully we’ll start to sort out our own routine in the next few weeks.

Here are a couple of pics and I’ll be back soon with more to share… Merry Christmas! K xx


6 responses to “Extra special Christmas!

  1. Congrats again Kari. She’s absolutely gorgeous

  2. Oh, Kari, a huge CONGRATS! She is precious 🙂

  3. hey kari,
    isn’t she a cutie!!!!! take care and enjoy!!!!

  4. Kari, she’s just beautiful! What a fabulous Christmas pressie!

  5. Congrats again Kari. She’s absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Kari, she is gorgeous and so little, by contrast to big brother there who appears to have shot up a bit since I saw him a few months ago. Congrats to you all, may things settle down soon.

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