More new and exciting things!!!

Well, you know about the new mini that is available until the end of August…. but guess what…… Stampin’ Up! has announced they will be undergoing a Colour Renovation for the new Idea Book and Catalogue! This is due to be released in Australia on the 1st September and the colour renovation is amazing!

Back to the beginning! Well’ I think it was about 12 years ago when SU! had it’s last colour overhaul and for the past 2 years they have been assessing the popularity of the colours (including In Colour products) and doing all their market research to decide what changes to make and how to introduce them. Now that all that is complete they have revealed the new palette of colours that will be available with the new IB&C ……

What do you think?!!! Out of the 4 colour familes and neutrals that we have now, they are keeping 25 colours (one of these is called Crumb Cake and this is what we currently know as Kraft – this is great! It means we will have a Kraft coloured Inkpad too!). They are then adding in 10 colours that either have been or are currently our In Colours. And on top of that they are introducing 5 brand new never-been-seen colours! this makes a total of 40 ‘core’ colours which have been grouped into 4 collections. Some of your favourites may now be in different collections ot the ‘family’ they used ot be in, but with time I’m sure we will all get the jargon right!! LOL!

Of course, with the change it means that some colours are not going to be available past 31st August this year. That may sadden some of you and I know I will be sorry to see a few of the shades retire, however, just because SU! no longer sells the colours, that doesn’t mean you can use them anymore! LOL! It just means that for your special favourite you may want to stock up on an ink refill or some extra cardstock so it lasts you a bit longer! HOWEVER, in saying that, the new and returning colours look just gorgeous, so you may in fact find that you have a new favourite or two! Here is a list of the retiring colours……..

Now, I know some of you may think, gosh I’ve got all my markers and crayons, etc, etc, now I’ll have to re-organise them into their new collections and the boxes are for 12 now they will only need ot hold 10, and so forth, ….. well, SU! have advised us that they will be putting together some ‘kits’ of the new colour products just to help make this transition easier for those customers (and demonstrators) that like to have all the colours in these products. More details on these kits will be available closer to the release, but this is still 4 and 1/2 months away, so no need to fret just yet!

Lastly, there will also be a new In Color Schedule! This will change so that each year 5 new In Colors will be released and they will be around for 2 years! Yay! This means that for the 2010-2011 year we will have the 40 core colours plus 5 In Colors and then with the 2011-2012 Year we will have the core colours plus 2 sets of 5 In Colors, taking the total number of colours back up to 50! Now, we don’t know the exact shades of these colours yet, but I promise to let you know when I find out!

Okay, after all that info I’m going to let you digest it! Feel free to email me any questions and comments, if I don’t know the answers I can always ask to find out 🙂 We have our big boy’s 4th birthday this weekend (sob!) so I may not answer straight away (will be cleaning and baking, etc) but I will be in touch as soon as I get a chance! Take care! K 🙂


One response to “More new and exciting things!!!

  1. This is both exciting and scary. While the new colours look great ( I love the new brights collection, and the subtles, and the regals), I’m worried about reorganising with the colour renovation. It is great to see most of my favourite colours there, including Baja Breeze, but will miss the Ruby Red and was hoping to see Purely Pomegranite. Mostly looking forward to it.

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