Resuming ‘normal’ activities!

Back again! Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a week or two – seems that April is THE month for birthdays!! Anyway, I have just downloaded a heap of photos onto the computer and will be editing them ready to share with you over the coming days – it’s a bad habit I have that I take photos of my creations and then the photos just sit there and I don’t share them! LOL!

We survived the birthday party for Aidan with his little friends – well, survived despite Aidan having a HUGE bump on his head!! He went headfirst over his truck into the concrete path about 45 minutes into the party! Luckily a the bump, bruise and graze were the only things to come of it, no concussion or anyting, but it did put a dampener on the party for a bit while the birthday boy sat quietly looking very sorry for himself! Our boy has a bad history with birthday parties including teeth into the tongue and blood nose – when one of the other dads heard that, he said to his almost 2 year old daughter “that’s it, you won’t be having birthday parties!” LOL!

Anyway, just thought I’d share his other cake with you….

Thanks again to the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Cookbook (AKA my Cake Bible!). Although, I must say I had a mini breakdown at around midnight when icing this cake! I had just covered it in the yellow buttercream and was about to start with the fondant….. I looked over at it and thought “Oh no! What have I done?!” to be honest, I then just started laughing hysterically! (picture the cake positioned like this but without the road and cars on it, just the plain icing!)

Hubby came into the kitchen to see what was going on and I’m laughing uncontrollably “I stuffed the cake up!” He looks at it “How?” In between laughs I say “Look, it’s back to front! I put it together back to front!”…. hubby then rotated the cake board 90 degrees to the left …… and I realised that I really needed to get some more sleep!!! LOL!

Okay, hope that story made you laugh!  I’ll start editing some ‘proper’ pictures now and I’ll be back tomorrow with some stamped things for you! Take care, K 🙂


2 responses to “Resuming ‘normal’ activities!

  1. That DID make me laugh Kari!! Making those cakes is fun … and just a little stressful! Mind you, making 2 cakes for the one birthday is mighty impressive, so well done you. 🙂

  2. Oh Kari that made me laugh – I thought only I did things like that – join the club girl! OI can tell a story of a cake ‘6’ and hastily changed to a rocket at 3am with the aid of chopsticks and a lot of Betty Crocker Spakfilla, ooops I mean frosting! 🙂

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