Daily Archives: May 2, 2010

Happy CraftAway!

Just a little shout out to Michelle over in Victoria! Today Michelle is holding a CraftAway fundraising day to raise funds to create Aide de Memoire albums for people suffering from Dementia. Michelle set herself a huge task at the beginning of the year to create 25 albums throughout the year to donate as these people go into care.

As well as being busy scrapping for these albums, Michelle has organised todays CraftAway Day to raise funds to create the albums and at the same time increasing awareness and support of people with Alzeihmers Disease and their carers.

Please visit Michelle’s blog to read more about her project and see how she is progressing. There is also a link for you to donate if you would like to contribute to the albums or a link if you’d like to donate directly to the Hazel Hawke Alzeihmer’s Research and Care Fund.

Big hugs to Michelle for what you are doing and I hope today goes wonderfully for you! K xx