Embossed leaves

During the INKlings blog hop I saw a great idea on Rachel’s blog – creating your own embossing plates! She used stars on her cards, but I thought I would use the punched leaves from the XL 2-step Bird Punch to create an embossed background on my card.

The embossing is really hard to photograph though! LOL! It’s in the bottom right hand corner and across the middle under the bird, above the text.

Here is what the embossing plate I made looks like….

Basically, I traced the size of the cardfront onto a piece of heavy cardstock and punched out several leaves from cardstock (I used the DSP backing) and using the 2way glue pen I stuck the leaves on in the arrangement I wanted. I then repeated the process so that the cardstock leaves were twice as thick.

When I went to run it through my Big Shot it was a matter of trial and error to determine the thickness of cardstock required as ‘shim’ to create the embossed image, too little and the embossing hardly shows, too much and it won’t roll through the Big Shot. What I found worked for my embossing plate and Big Shot was 3 pieces of thicker cardstock (cut from the DSP backing cardstock) and then 1 sheet of Whisper White cardstock, plus the sheet  I was wanting to emboss. It is really important to make sure you don’t ever force your ‘stack’ through your Big Shot as it can damage your plates and/or machine. If you meet with more resistance than normal, roll the stack back out and rearrange or try a different combination.

I hope you have some fun playing with this idea, I know I can’t wait to try some other punched shapes!!! Take care, K 🙂

PS here’s what my little man made while I was making my birdies! As soon as he hears me say I’m ‘making’ something, he gets his stool or a chair to be next to me …. “I’ll help you!” So cute 🙂


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