Daily Archives: May 20, 2010

Golf Tee!

Yes, that’s right! I hadn’t forgotten, just hadn’t uploaded the pictures yet! 😉

Well, Sharna was right! It was the round tab punch!!! Here is how…..

I punched out one tab

then pushed the punched tab into one side of the punch so that it would form 2 ‘tee’ shaped pieces.


Of course there is a slightly pointed top, but this is covered by the ball when you put it on the tee 🙂

I’m glad you all liked the card and hope your golfing recipients enjoy their cards too!

Enjoy! K 🙂

PS Sorry about the quality of my pictures lately. I’ve been trying out different spots around the house to take them to see what light is best, but then I have been using 2 different computer screens which are obviously not quite the same in terms of display which has been a bit tricky 😉 I also have new glasses on order and I think they may make a different to how I am seeing them on screen!! LOL! Anyway, thanks for your patience! 🙂