Daily Archives: May 22, 2010

What to do with a tin?

On the INKlings forum, someone was asking for suggestions of how to use up old formula tins a while ago. Well, seeing as how we have a few here ::) I thought I’d use one of the suggestions to use one up 😉

One of the girls had suggested using it to put a gift in, kind of like a bag or basket, so, as one of my friends was moving house, I thought I’d make her a ‘Survival Kit’ and pack the tin full of things that might come in handy – panadol, bandaids, chocolate, minties 🙂 …. but, of course, I had to decorate it first!!

Very handy for ‘wrapping’ the gift …. even more so because this was getting posted interstate! Some pretty DSP, a bit of ribbon and a bow and it’s done. the circle scissors make it soooo easy to cut out the circles for the top too 🙂 oh, and it was my first attempt at doing a ‘Teneale Bow’ – check out her video on her post  here to see how she makes them, hers always look so lovely, hopefully with a bit of practice I will get better at it too 🙂

Have a great weekend! K 🙂