You’ve got a friend in me ….

Those of you with littlies will know why that song is going through my head! Here is the card I have made tonight …..

Yes, I know I leave it until the last minute to make the cards and then have to rush my photos in bad light, but I just had to take a photo to show you all! This card was for another little friend who was having a Toy Story party (no dress-ups this time though! LOL!) I knew his mum was making him a sheriff’s star cake, so I thought I’d try my hand at a punch art Woody.

I got some inspiration from Clare (another INKling) and Sheila and then just punched and played until I got him looking about right. Hopefully the birthday boy will like him … and recognise him! LOL! I decided to ‘hide’ Woody’s body behind a wooden fence (thankyou Woodland Walk DSP!) because otherwise he wouldn’t fit on the cardfront!

Thanks for stopping by, now I’m off to bake a cake … someone in this house needs a birthday cake soon too! K 🙂


3 responses to “You’ve got a friend in me ….

  1. kay koufalakis

    love him Kari, looks just like woody, and now I have that song in my head ,I’d say that woody himself must be due a birthday by now, my 20year old used to play with him when he was a toddler!

  2. He looks pretty much like Woody! Well done Kari, how long did you have to play around to get that right?!?

  3. woohoo-awesome woody kari!!!

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