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Stamping friends

I have been very lucky to ‘meet’ some lovely girls in the past few years and lucky me, I am getting to meet some of them in just over a weeks time! Can you tell I am excited?!! I am so excited that I can’t even decide what stamping things I want to take with me because I know I will probably chatter too much and not get much stamping done! LOL! Anyway, my reason for this post is that I wanted to thank 2 of these lovely online friends for the blog awards they gae me a while ago. I know my blog has been a bit hit and miss over the past year but I hope you have seen some more regular posts lately and are enjoying my creations. So thankyou to the lovely Cath Dean (who probably thought I was insane the first time she spoke to me on the phone when I chatted to her for several minutes and then exclaimed! “Oh! You’re Cath from the forum!” silly me!) be sure to have a look at Cath’s lovely blog here if you haven’t already visited her during the blog hop … or just visit her again 🙂

The other gorgeous person to give me an award was Clare McIllhatton 🙂 Clare makes me smile everytime I read her blog and has so many inspiring ideas (she is a whiz with punches!) and you can check her blog out here. Clare also decided to inspire some of the INKlings team that weren’t able to make it to Convention this year and one of her challenge was to make an orange bag in honour of the orange convention bag! Here is my orange bag  (and orange card) ….


Now, seeing as Clare’s favourite colour is orange, guess where I sent the bag and card?! Glad you liked it Clare xx

You can see that I embossed the Upsy Daisy flowers on the Sunny Garden DSP with White Embossing Powder. Love the way this looks and will have to use more DSP like this I think 🙂

So, to honour the awards , I am now supposed to tell you a few things about myself and then link to some other blogs I am inspired by, here we go …..

* I love my electric blanket and was devastated when I had to go without it for a month!

* I have 2 boxes full of fabric and another one full of sewing kits in my study wardrobe! …. and don’t get me started on the yarn collection in there!

* I am a hoarder (see above!)

* 3 favourite things: wine, coffee, chocolate ….. not always in that order 😉

* I love organisational things but just never seem to actually BE organised!

* I am excited like a little kid to see the new bulbs flowering in the garden at the moment!

* I love sending and receiving postcards – so exciting to get snail mail these days!

Well, there’s some facts about me, and here are some lovely blogs I have found to pass the awards on to:

Beth Stewart     http://elisabethstewart.typepad.com/bethinking/

Michelle Frost-Stevenson    http://stampinground.wordpress.com/

Michelle Le Breton    http://www.michellescraftclasses.blogspot.com/

Dani Fender     http://danifender.blogspot.com/

Sharlene Meyer    http://www.magpiecreates.com/

Christie Kunkel    http://www.christiescreativecorner.blogspot.com/

Meg Loven     http://lovenstamps.com/blog/

Homemade by Jill     http://homemadebyjill.blogspot.com/

So thank you girls for thinking of me and I hope these other lovely blogs give you more inspiration! 🙂 K



Well I am feeling very honoured at the moment because the lovely Teneale Williams has given me a Blog Award!

How exciting! Teneale is such a wonderfully talented girl so if you don’t regularly check her blog, you should add it to your list! Soooo much inspiration! Thankyou so much Teneale!

According to the ‘rules’ of the Award I must now pass it on to 10 more beautiful bloggers and also tell you 10 things about myself…

So, here we go (some of these beautiful bloggers may have already received an award, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve another one from me! 😉 )

1. Lin Mei Yap

2. Katy Catford

3. Laura Burns

4. Dani Fender

5. Kylie Swain

6. Kirsty Jeffery

7. Michelle Frost-Stevenson

8. Michelle LeBreton

9. Carol Dunstan

10. Beth Stewart

Okay, now 10 things about me ….

1. Kari is pronounced “Kah- ree” – not “Carrie” as in rhymes with “Barry”!!!! LOL!

2. Gail is my middle name – much hated as I grew up and my parents would always call me “Kari Gail” as if it were my ‘proper’ name….. hmm seems I have grown into it and grown to like it now though 😉 (mwah, Auntie Iris!)

3. I learned piano growing up and did grade 2 and 3 exams

4. As a typist I am a shocking speller – as if you didn’t know that already!! 😛

5. We have 2 beagles, one named ‘Lucy’ after the character in the Peanuts cartoons and the other one I wanted to call ‘Linus’ to continue the Peanuts theme (growing up we had beagles called Snoopy and Spike) but Owen said ‘NO!’ so the other one is called ‘Laika’ after the first dog in space!

6. I love to make things!!! Baked goods, soups, cards, presents- I’ll give anything a go! 

7. I work better after 9pm and regularly sacrifice sleep to be creative 😉

8. I think I’m better at playing sleep chicken than hubby! You know, when you wake up and hear one of the kids crying and pretend you’re still asleep so they wake and get out of bed to go to them!! ROFLOL!  Sshh! Don’t tell him!!!

9. I love to read – Kathy Reichs, Patricia Cornwell, Sue Grafton, Michael Connelly, and more – and I have 2 very full bookcases …. and a stack on my bedside table!

10. One of the most commonly used search terms that finds this blog is – construction cakes – due to the birthday cake I made for Aidan last year and posted a picture of! If you are soemone who has ‘found’ through that search ‘welcome’!! LOL!

Okay! Well I hope that didn’t bore you too much! And I hope you enjoy checking out those gorgeous blogs!!! To thank you for your patience, here’s a photo of a card I made – my attempt at being a bit ‘vintage-y’ 🙂

Thanks for visiting! Have a great weekend! K 🙂

PS As I was adding all the links I see that Kylie has given me an award too 🙂 Mwah! Thanks hon!