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Birthday Owl

Today we went to a Harry Potter Birthday party for one of Aidan’s friends. It was lots of fun despite the rain and it meant I could get a little creative by making a costume as well as a birthday card!

I was agonising over the card I should make … I wanted it to be themed but I really couldn’t figure out how …. but then I decided that it should have an owl on it, so that was a good start! I had seen some gorgeous owls on Dani Holland’s blog and thought they were cute ‘holding’ the hearts so I figured I could do similar with a cupcake and so my new best friend (aka the Build a Cupcake punch) came to the rescue!

Of course I knew that the owl needed to be like Harry’s owl, Hedwig , so that decided the colours for me, but I wanted a little more texture on him, so I scrunched up my cardstock and then separated it to create a faux suede side before punching the layers out, you can see that a bit better below. 

On to the costume …. my sewing skills aren’t great and I didn’t measure anything, just used a piece of black material I had in the cupboard and the maroon is some leftover quilt binding I had in a drawer as well as some gold ribbon – well of course he had to be in Gryffindor colours! You may also be able to spot the scar drawn on his forehead too! Here is the little wizard I took with me …..

Thanks for reading! K 🙂